Freya Holmér

is creating video games & media
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About Freya Holmér

I'm Freya, I stream game development over at Twitch, where I'm currently working on Flowstorm - an indie game of mine! It's a weird little 2.5D platformer/racing game hybrid with a neat little level editor, currently in its alpha stages of development 🚀

I also do educational visualizations and tutorials, centered around game development, mathematics and tech-art!

Sometimes I write longer articles on a specific topic, such as this one, on Bézier curves!

I also regularly have conversations on stream on various topics, mostly centered around game development, LGBT topics, and life in general.

In addition, I've been very curious to make video essays on games and game dev, with quite a few ideas and some scripts lying around, yet to be recorded and edited.

However, right now it is hard to find time to dedicate to these projects, as I need to spend a lot of it on, well, making sure I have enough money to get by.

If you somehow think my chaotic inconsistent content output is worth something, becoming a Patron would be an immensely nice thing of you - any amount of support is greatly appreciated 💖

Thank you for stopping by and giving this a read!!

// Freya

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