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Welcome to the Patreon for ACPN

My name is John J. Galbo... I have been a writer, podcaster, and lover of all things Pop-Culture. In 2002, I founded Adult Swim Central, the one-stop shop for your Adult Swim news! Eventually, inspired by the big podcast boom, I started a show based on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block The Swimcast which was the podcast companion for ASCentral. Eventually, in 2011, I branched out into Pop Culture, Entertainment, which led to the creation of the original ACPN


Since then I've hosted and curated a number of podcasts, some with familiar names such as Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Paul Goebel (Beat the Geeks) and Jermaine Fowler (Superior Donuts), and countless others. With all the big talented shows we've come across, it led to us rebranding the network as the "Art Comedy Pop-Culture Network." The podcasts together are EASILY 1,000+ hours of podcast content, saved conveniently on the site, plus on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, Stitcher, Tune-In, and more.  slowly building ourselves up as an independent podcast network based on Popular Culture, Comedy, Geek, Entertainment, and more!  Go here to take a look at our current roster!

Video Entertainment!

As of this year, we decided to take a few different turns. Pandemic shifted us into high gear with video content through our Twitch stream, which we just hit Affiliate on in August! We plan on having blocks of awesome, never-before seen content streaming on our channel! From Cartoons, Comedy, Short Films, Documentaries, Gaming, Music, and a whole lot more! Check Us Out!


There are a ton of irons in the fire as far as ACPN is concerned, first and foremost we plan on bringing back Adult Swim Central as a full blown website full of news and information for your ears and eyes on all things Swim! In addition, we have a dedicated community of like-minded geeks and nerds over on our Discord server. We talk about various Entertainment topics (TV, Movies, Cartoons, Gaming, Music, etc.) as well as life, love, and everything in between. The server has definitely become a safe-space for people of all shapes, sizes, religions, creeds, etc. Come join us!

What's in it for ACPN?

In these uncertain times, we as a society need breaks from the norm, that's what Entertainment is for, right? We love to entertain and will continue doing so with our brand, however we could do so much more. In a nutshell, we're looking to beef up the network and continue to give you quality podcast listening, video entertainment, news and information, community development and more... but we could use your help. So far, ACPN has utilized the funds it currently receives to purchase Adobe Creative Apps, website templates and plugins, as well as better features for our Discord server. 

What's in it for You?

What do you get back? You'll get to be a part of the network in one way or another. If you donate a MINIMUM of $1 a month, you get a ton of awesome goodies listed in the ACPees tier. Want to donate even more? You get more bang for your buck... from producer credits, to exclusive merchandise, even sit in on a podcast record! The applications are endless and we're continuing to evolve and grow with our community. Why not join us?
$25.13 of $50 per month
Ok, we made it to $25... is double out of the question? If we can make this goal, I'll double up on This Week in Pop-Culture History AND I'll start a Vlog of some kind... haven't decided of what. Obviously once we hit goal I'll think it out more.  
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