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About Chris Allen

I'm Chris Allen, writer and game designer. I've worked on tabletop games including the Chronicles of Darkness, the Trinity Continuum, Babylon 5, the Starship Troopers miniatures wargame, the Judge Dredd miniatures skirmish game, and much more besides.

Since it's not possible to keep all the words and ideas inside, I instead turned to the nefarious vocation of the writer and began working hard to inflict them on the rest of the world. I've written for a variety of tabletop rpgs, worked on plots for LARP, and disgorged a number of fiction pieces too. I have to warn you that there are no signs this torrent is going to stop any time soon.

Like many other writers, I subsist largely on tea and the sense of validation that comes from knowing people are enjoying my work. Unfortunately, shops won't accept validation at the till, which can result in dangerously low tea levels. As such, I figure Patreon represents a reasonable opportunity to take people up on that oft-offered utterance of 'If I ever meet you, I'll buy you a beer/tea/other beverage of your choice', and get straight to the vitally important tea-buying part.

It turned out that what I thought to be improbable circumstances - that of enough people pledging enough tea-purchasing currency - were, in fact, quite probable indeed. As such, I'll be producing regular material here for the Patreon community as well as my usual writings elsewhere. The first goals we've hit due to the fantastic dedication of patrons thus far are a dark fantasy-historical web serial and a rather unusual rpg setting and, if this success continues apace, there are some new projects on the horizon as well.

Finally, thank you to one and all of the gamers, writers and inspirations of the communities I partake in for all the mad, fantastical and horrific creatures, worlds and events that they've been a part of creating with me.
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