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I Essie Berry as an Activist am here to connect personally with family friends and guest,   This is to allow me to know who is really seeking justice and a real need to have people voice heard,




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Mrs. Essie Berry has been consistently cyber bullied, harrassed, threatened and her life is in danger from Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey is a house hold name and needs no introduction. He host the television program Family Feud. Here in a nutshell is what's has been ignored by police officers, judges, and courts in California.
Steve Harvey's constant harassment began when a reality show was in progress in 2013 . At this time Activist Berry's Constitutional Rights were being violated. After being accused of being an extortionist and co-conspirator labeled by Steve Harvey. With Essie Berry being black mailed into silence for years, she had no way out because all police departments, along with judges, they refused to allow her to legally defend herself.
In 2017 Activist Berry became the Power of Attorney for Steve Harvey's, Ex-wife Mary Harvey. She helped with Civil Rights violations. Since 2017 until present, Steve Harvey's intimidating scare tactics along with threatening and harassing messages, caused Mrs. Berry to defend herself. However, Steve Harvey has went to great lengths to silence and GAG Activist Berry. As well as placing her under emotional and mental duress after a one million dollar bounty was placed on her life with his subordinates. Steve Harvey accused Berry of being an extortionist and co-conspirator, But refuses to say what was extorted or who she has conspired with and for what. These are serious accusations and need to be answered. Steve Harvey continues to use terroristic threats towards Activist. Berry, Trying to have her arrested illegally with an illegal warrants in a state that has no jurisdiction. (Texas). Steve Harvey has already bribed Berry's family for information with gifts and funds for Activist Berry location and where she's staying.
We are lead to believe that we live in a country governed by a constitution that provides and guarantees justice and equality for all Americans regardless of race, religion, nationality, ethnic background or creed. Why can't Essie Berry get the assistance and help and same justice, needed by government or state officials or law officers? Why are police departments in some cities ignoring her rights to be protected and closing their eyes to any type of investigation when 3 police reports were filed against Steve Harvey? Does celebrity status put one above the law? What does it truly take to get help? I'm confident to say, If Essie was a white woman and being stalked, bullied and harassed by Steve Harvey. The law would have arrested him years ago. Now, Essie Berry is asking and demanding the same respect that any other person deserves.
I ask you Governor, if your life was threaten and a bounty placed on your life, would you want justice? If you were constantly harrassed, bullied, and false accusations made towards you, would you want justice? If you were falsely accused of a crime without any evidence, would you want justice? If a false warrant was place on you would you want justice? I'm sure your answer is yes! Well, Mrs. Essie Berry has the right to have her name cleared of all false charges.
Please feel free to contact me or email so that we can find closure.
Sincerely,Standing 4 Justice
Essie Berry 7063250928

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