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About Amir Khadem

Welcome, my dear patron (or patron-to-be)

This is where you can access the bonus episodes of A Curious Muslim, the podcast about lives and histories of Muslim, which is non-preaching, non-defaming, and non-apologist. By pledging 2$ or more per month, you will be given access to these extra episodes, which are generally shorter than main episodes, and are designed as supplementary. As long as you keep remaining a patron, you can listen as many times as you want to all the existing bonus episodes. If you believe my work is worth more than 2$ of your pocket, you can graciously show your support by pledging a higher amount.

This podcast is a one-man project, and I am the sole researcher, writer, and host of each episode, so any financial assistance to help keep this ship sailing on is definitely cherished.

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