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Hi, I'm Adam.

Who are you?
Just a 90's kid spending my life working from my bedroom on Insignia, a 16-bit metroidvania. I left my old UX design job for in 2017. Games are my thing, and I'm laser focused on continually improving my skills, process and sensibilities to make this one as awe-inspiring as possible. I have the talent and drive to produce Insignia on my own, but I can't release it without you.

What will my money go towards?
The game cannot exist without a community behind it. That's all there is to it. If I can't secure a path to funding, development ceases. Funding right now just means covering cost of living for the development team, meaning me. With greater funding, comes additional opportunities to produce extra content for you, the patrons.

What do you have to offer?
Besides the game, I produce a lot of supplementary content shared on Twitch, YouTube, Tumblr and Reddit documenting my process for people who want to follow and learn with me. If you take a look and find that it interests you, I'd be happy to have you as one of my patrons.

There are a lot of games in development that are on Patreon, why should I support yours?
Because more than anything, I want to carry the torch for a kind of design ethos that I'm inspired by. I want to produce the same wonder and imagination I felt growing up with Disney, Studio Ghibli, Square or Nintendo and use it to deliver a story that feels contemporary and personal. 

I want the world to have more games like that in it, and I'll dedicate my life to making sure it does if you believe in me.

Thanks for your time

$197 of $1,000 per month
$1000 a month secures Insignia's continued development costs (my cost of living) until release.
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