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        ABOUT ME

        Hey, friend! Thanks for looking at it. I'm Adam and I'm a stream fella on Twitch (found here). I'm often joined by my lackey and we play video games together. Our taste in games is super varietous, so expect everything from Super Mario Bros. to Senran Kagura.

        You can also find me on Youtube (Highlights Channel, Stream Archive Channel) where I occasionally upload highlight reels of my streams, highlights of other streamers that I've edited, or reviews and other random junk.

        WHY PATREON?

        I've been using Patreon for a while to support some of my favorite content creators and one day it hit me: I'm technically a content creator! If you like what we do and wanna see more, maybe consider tossing a dollar our way.

        Wanna show your support but can't spare the money? No problem! The best way to support ANY content creator is to share their work with others. Retweets, reblogs, show it to your mom on Facebook, whatever you can do to get more eyes on my content goes a long way!

        MY GOALS

        Obviously the best part about Patreon is being able to live off of your passions. My greatest dream is to one day be able to quit my regular job and live off of my passion: being a lazy piece of shit that plays video games all day. With your help, that dream could be a reality!

        In all seriousness, myself and my lackey both really enjoy streaming and being able to chat with all sorts of people. So even if this Patreon ends up only getting 1 supporter, we'd still be streaming as much as we can.

        If you want to chat with us and other fans or you want to get notified when we're live on Twitch, check out my Twitter or our Discord.
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