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About Adam Michaels

Hello and welcome!!
I started this Patreon for a few reasons- Being a freelance artist I have really gotten a sense of what it is to work very hard at artistic endeavors that may not always feel obtainable. I have been doing this literally since selling work on the sidewalk in 2007. That being said the only thing that rivals hard work is fan support. Which brings me to the main reason why I'm starting this account. I want to do something that feels personal. Something that IS only for Patreon supporters. I am very grateful for outlets like Instagram but as someone who he himself follows accounts on IG sometimes things can just pass you by or fall to the wayside or just get washed over by all involved. I want it to be one on one. I want this to feel like a journey.

So we are going to do a handful of things here such as time lapse videos, art tutorials, exclusive process photos, product examples, give aways, monthly polls for what I should draw, discounts on my work in general and other fun, artsy, nerd stuff! 
And on top of all of that this is incredibly motivating for ME! I want to look to you all to help me find new things to create! 

I hope you take this journey with me. Please ask questions and comment on things. I'm not a Patreon master but will be learning more and more by doing. Much like my art. For anyone who doesn't yet know, I have no art education. I learned by doing, failing, being involved, etc. And that's what I want this to be.

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