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First off: THANK YOU to my current and past Patreon supporters... Means so much to me. And if you're here for the first time, I really appreciate you considering jumping on board.

Supporting my efforts here on Patreon is all about coming with me on my journey in:

1) My solo music & art   (still the center of what I do)

2) My 
passion for developing/guiding/educating artists  (one of my fav things in life!)

These goals/focuses have this in common: they don't lend themselves to financial security, to say the least.

But, on the other hand, they all share another thing in common: there's something motivating and exciting about the fact that they all include the goal of contributing something of meaning to the world through my creativity... the best I can give in that respect. 

So, even though it's risky, I can't not follow the pull I feel toward these things. #doublenegative.

Thank you for even considering supporting me in these ventures. It's huge.


Here's some info. on each of these (and a deeper explanation of WHY is below this):


Ever since I began writing/singing/recording my music it was clear to me that it was a life-raft. To this day, it's the same. I somehow can't seem to exist in a healthy way if I'm not making this music.

I've historically had very little success in trying to turn my own solo-music into a "business"... it just has never felt quite right or made sense or come together (I actually think I've gotten in the way of myself at times)... but, I can't not do it... and when I hear from some of you about how the music has meant something to you... it's... well... it hits me deep.

Your support in this part of my creative life means the world to me. It's incredibly  motivating and encouraging. 


My dedication to arts education is as firm and resolute as ever.... in fact it's growing the more I do it. 

I continue to help guide, educate and mentor artists in their journey toward making great work and navigating a career in music... and it's been ramping up and becoming a significant chunk of my life & work.

I'm stoked to announce that since I first began on Patreon, I've now become an Adjunct Professor at Biola University and also work with Cal. Baptist University, and it's been a legitimately meaningful experience working with these artists. The faculty have been unbelievably supportive and awesome... which is a relief, because my approach isn't exactly the usual thing... so I feel really grateful to be there and have the freedom to put the holistic approach to work... and the results have been awesome. These student/artists are legit. 

My involvement keeps growing and I know this is something I'm meant to do, longterm, if I can.

My goals are pretty grandiose... maybe even unreachable... but, put simply, I want to continue to tackle being a part of revolutionizing the way artists are guided by focusing on a holistic approach rather than on the blind pursuit of mere technique or money and fame. It began with my book (The Human of Being Art) and I've been putting the ideas into further action through sessions and classes at Biola. It has been killer. Many of the artists are releasing the music that is made in our sessions together and I'm super proud of them. I hope to be able to continue expanding this work, your support helps me do that, THANK YOU, again.

Thank you for considering supporting me as I launch heart-and-head-first into a newly-organized chapter of my life. . . my creative life, my career life, my spiritual, intellectual, personal, and everything-else-life! I'm committed to making this worth your time and support.

Maybe you're thinking (as I would), "OKAY, BUT... WHERE EXACTLY IS MY MONEY GOING IF I SUPPORT YOU?"

So for those of you with a slightly suspicious nature (I get it). Let me be even more transparent... and I guess, vulnerable.

When I began acting from a more authentic place with my creativity, time and career, some things began to shift and change. In 2014, a decade-long songwriting-contract with Disney ended. Three years before, in 2011, I had begun spending less time being a kind of semi-mindless-ambition-machine (chasing after some goals I didn't believe in) and I'd begin spending more time in my sweet-spot. In a deep corner of my creative life that I often had to relegate to my solo work and a few other special projects along the way.

All of this change (and the mental/emotional organization that led to my book) has led me to new and exciting personal and career relationships. Ones that are far more aligned with my new goals (i.e. with my truer self). That said, because of my goals on the education/artist-mentorship side, it also has led to less financial security (it's worth it though). So this new stage–and this step to launching this Patreon page–is all about putting MEANING first. Life is just too short to do anything else. This means risking being vulnerable and open about what I feel (and know) is right and true... the things that matter . . . and doing something about it.

So, your support will go toward freeing me up to be a Mindful-Meaning-Machine:)

So I can wake up every day and go after the artistic and educational efforts that I believe deeply will make a difference and serve the lives of other artists and fans of authentic and meaningful art AND navigate careers doing it.

You, as a supporter, will be directly enabling me to spend more time on this pursuit. And I'll be deliberate in thinking of ways to express my appreciation to you along the way.

I won't lie, a part of me feels like expressing this stuff and fully acting on it could be damaging to my livelihood... but I can't not do it.... and the truth is, any reluctance is just fear talking, so I'm telling Fear to shut-the-hell-up... and I'm hoping you will come with me on this journey. 

Thank You!


14 of 1000 patrons
Reaching 1000 patrons would be miraculous. It would mean that your support is enabling me to spend a significant amount of time each month not worrying about how I'll pay the bills, but rather on how I can create things of meaning for you guys.

From the podcast, to my music, to my students, I'll be able to focus more intensely and purely on work that isn't cluttered with concern, but focused on value and meaning above all else. 

I hope I can serve you all well.
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