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About Ada Pasternak

Hi!  I'm so glad you're here.  
If you don't know me, my name is Ada. 
Here's a little bit about me and my journey....
I was born in Moscow and immigrated to NYC with my family at the age of six.
We were very poor but my amazing parents somehow still found a way to give my brother and I a great life and a wonderful music education. 
 From the age of of 6-16, I practiced Violin 3-6 hours daily, with 2-3 private lessons per week.
  I was winning competitions, performing as a Soloist with Professional Orchestras and well on my way to becoming a Classical Music "Star"
Everything was going smoothly until one summer while I was playing at a Music Camp, I developed severe tendinitis and Overuse Injuries in my back, hands, and whole upper body. 
It hurt so bad that I wasn't able to play Violin anymore. 
As advised by a doctor, I took a long break from playing and didn't know if I'd ever play again. 
I tried all types of healing methods such as Acupuncture, Deep Tissue Massage, Yoga, Physical Therapy/etc.  They all helped, but what helped most was TIME; resting my body, positive thoughts and YOGA.  
I was a Senior in highschool when my guidance counselor asked me what my college plans were.
I told her the truth; I had no idea and that I don't want to put a financial burden on my parents.
       I brought up 'Music Therapy', cause my mom was taking Music Therapy courses at the time, and I was intrigued by it.   My guidance counselor (I forgot her name) typed "Music Therapy" in her computer and one of the things that came up was 'Berklee College of Music'
I had never heard of it at the time.   ((Berklee is a Contemporary School and I was a always a Classical Violinist), so the two don't really go hand in hand.  
Though Berklee looked like a fun place to go to college, I decided not to apply because it was simply too expensive and I knew my parents just couldn't afford it.  
Some time goes by and one night I am home drinking tea with my mom when she suddenly says "I feel that you should apply for Berklee right now" .   So I listened to my mom and did just that.
I filled out the application and submitted at the last possible moment.  (The application was due that night; I had about an hour to do this.  
I was invited to go to Boston for a private audition, so I picked up the Violin and slowly practiced to prepare an audition piece.  My dad accompanied me on the Piano and drove me to Boston for my audition.   Apparently the audition went well because to my surprise (that's an understatement, I received a FULL SCHOLARSHIP!!  I really couldn't believe it!  

Berklee totally transformed my life and opened doors and creativity I didn't even know were possible for me... Such as Improvising, Singing and Writing my Original Music!

I am so grateful for my ability to create music and share it with you!!
Music is the best therapy for me, and I hope to provide you with some healing and JOY by doing what I do best; fiddling around and singing my original music :)

I want you to know that your support is extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thank you soooo much!  

$187 of $1,500 per month
I have sooooo much music I want to make and share with you!
Cover songs, original songs, Videos!

Thank you so much for your support you guys
It means the world to me <3 
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