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-The "Poor Yet Devoted" Plan 
 Rank: Little Richard 

The most basic support level you can choose! All you get is my undying gratitude! Oh yeah! And you also get everything that I offer to my Patreon subscribers! This currently includes
- The Monthly Patreon Newsletter Podcast
- Entry into the secret Patreon giveways
- And MORE rewards as I arbitrarily invent them!
I know there have been plenty of times I've been mega broke and would have gladly contributed $1 /mo. to something but there was no option for that! So there ya go! Help the channel out, feel good about yourself, receive my undying thanks and get a bunch of bonuses All for $1 /mo! LITERALLY the only deal that is better than this is all you can eat crepes.
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-The "I like this guy's content... but just kinda" Plan
Rank: Assistant to the Regional Manager

This is the same as the $1 level... But you get to feel morally superior to all those $1 people. j/k ... but seriously, you're probably feeling it aren't you?
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-The "For The Price Of A 'Five Dollar Footlong'" Plan
Rank: Court Stenographer 

At the $5 level of support you will of course get a tingling sensation in your lower extremities as well as all of the other aforementioned goodies. Enjoy. 0_o
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-The "Facebook Official" Plan
Rank: Viceroy Johnsonton III

At this level you will receive all the aforementioned rewards but you will also unlock the door to my heart. I'm singing you a song right now as I open this Patreon notification in the style of Celine Dion. My heart will go on and on viewer. 
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The "Guy I Met At An Internet Cafe That One Time And Took A Picture With" Plan
Rank: Johnny Depp's 2nd Cousin's Hairdresser
At this level of support, let's face it, you should go to the store and buy yourself a package of hot dogs to celebrate with. I'd send you some myself, but Hank down at the local post office has discouraged me from shipping food items ... so, you're on your own.  
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-The "Keep The Change, Daniel" Plan 
 Rank: Space Constable 
Like a successful businessman drinking Johnny Walker Blue in a questionable bar attached to a authentic Mexican restaurant inside of a Holiday Inn off exit 83, you know how to drop some Jeffersons. Your parents are now proud of all your achievements in life, you thought finally graduating from medical school was going to be the thing that did it, but it was this... IT WAS THIS!
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The "[REDACTED]" Plan
Rank: Space Detective
Ah, so ... I see you've finally discovered the secret [REDACTED]. I knew it was only a matter of time before you figured it out Riggs... But let me ask you one question before you haul me away. How did you know that [REDACTED] was the real space [REDACTED]? How could anyone have known? [REDACTED] told you didn't he! I just can't believe it. 

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-The "I Knew About Daniel Before He Was Cool" Plan
Rank: Darren Aronofsky's V-Neck
Yeah, whatever, I'll take your money deserter! Let's face it, we both know what this is. At the first sign of popularity you're totally going to jump ship. You'll be telling all your friends about how you really enjoyed my earlier work until I became a sellout and that you "knew about my channel before it was cool" It's fine, it's time to move on to the next hipster fad, and I'm no longer cool now because people know about me and I'm not niche anymore... It's okay. It's time for you to go, and I get that. It's not you... it's me. 
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The "Thousands Of Years Ago, Before Sigorney Weaver" Plan
Rank: Romulux
I don't know what to say... No, not joking, I literally don't know what to say here, I mean, I've written most of these horribly clever little descriptions tonight in my spare time and I'm running out of wacky ideas ... I WATCHED KIDS ALL DAY MAN! WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM! GET OFF MY BA- ... I'm sorry viewer ... No ... Don't sad moonwalk away man... 
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-The "I Will Literally Freak Out If You Give Me This Much Money" Plan
Rank: Space President
Congratulations, you are now president of all the space, oh, and don't forget the time & the continuum as well! Great job, I knew you could do it! What's that? How could I possibly imbue you with such a title? How can I prove you're REALLY the space president? ... Well ... i can't but I do have this nifty certificate I printed off the internet that says you're the space president, and since there is no space government yet, you should be able to easily convince pretty much anyone you meet out there that you are the space president with said certificate... It's very impressive looking. 
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- The "Wealthy Industrialist" Plan 
Rank: Actually Kanye
Because, lets be honest, how do I know one of you isn't actually Justin Timberlake or Beyonce? You know what a really good movie was? That one with JT where he's got the timer on his arm and like nobody ages, and he tries to bring down the system while Cillian Murphy tries to stop him?! And it's got the girl in it that everyone thinks is Dakota Fanning, but it's not. That one was actually pretty good...




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About adddaniel

Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by and considering teaming up with the channel! 

As you may or may not know, there are costs associated with generating delicious content here on the internets! From exorbitant ISP costs associated with faster upload speeds, to new equipment upgrades, to putting diapers on little butts and food in little mouths, there is a lot of time, energy, and finance needed to make the highest quality, best content around! And I want to make even more, even better content!  

We ALL contribute in one way or another. For most of us, our contribution is simply watching the videos our favorite content creators put out. For most of us that is the extent of what we can afford to do, and (hear me when I say) I am SO appreciative of every single view I get. I'm so glad that you guys enjoy the content that I make and I want to keep EVERYTHING that we do on AfterActs TV 100% free, for as long as we're putting out content.

What I WOULD like to do is humbly invite you to partner with me if you value the content that I put out and have some disposable income. That's pretty much what this page is, simply put: This Patreon page exists to give you the ability to partner up with AfterActs TV financially on a monthly basis. The more money we can bring in, the more content we can make for EVERYONE. So Thank you in advance for your consideration. 

You'll notice that this Patreon page is structured a bit differently than some other pages you may have visited in that, regardless of the amount that you pledge, you will receive all of the stuffs and the things. That's right, whether you pledge 1 dollar a month or 1000 dollars a month, you will receive all of the rewards that I have to offer. I know what it is like to be super tight on money, and it is very important to me that everyone is able to access all of the content that I create and not feel pressured to contribute more money than they can easily afford! I am not a business and I do not want to operate as a business, I am simply a content creator. One of the biggest joys that I have is being able to provide all of the content on the channel at no charge and with no obligation of any sort, so I couldn't see any reason to run the Patreon differently. So note there isn't any exclusivity to the different levels available. The only reason different brackets exist is to give you the ability to choose an amount that fits you and your family best! Thanks again for stopping by!
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New Webcam!
I'm ready to get back to that sweet 1080p60 Logitech C920 goodness! How bout you guys? But I need your help! Let's do this thing. 
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