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is creating anthro, cutesy, and monster digital art

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Thank you! I appreciate every little bit, so, SO much, and as a special thank you, everyone who contributes $3 or over will get to make requests for anthros, animals, fandoms - and also, vote on colour palettes I work with!
It's gonna be great!
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This tier will get you everything in the previous tier, plus first dibs and a 10% discount on any flat-rate adoptables I make!
(It's called bubble tier because it'd pay for a bubble tea)
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Hey. I really appreciate this, and as a reward, on top of what the previous two tiers get, I'll send you some of my lineart whenever it becomes available (with my URL on it, please don't remove that), so that you can colour it. I'll send it in transparent .png, and .psd formats.

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About Adder T. Crocuta

Hey everyone!

I'm Adder Crocuta, also known as Twitter user @BrambleCrocuta.
I'm disabled,with a large number of symptoms, and as a result of it I'm kind of all over the place, but I do love to draw.

I've been drawing most of my life, and with your help, I'd like to continue doing so!

My Finnish fiancee and I are living together now, but we're trying to survive off my disability support pension - rent takes away just over half of that, so any help is greatly appreciated!

OH! And for everyone who isn't in the US, be warned - these pledges are in USD$, so it's worth checking the exchange rate before you pledge!


Hello, everyone, and welcome to my Patreon page.
I go by Adder T Crocuta, also known as AdderTwist. First of all, I guess I should give you an idea of who I am.
I'm a neurodiverse, disabled, queer, trans artist. Because of my disabilities I can't work, so I'm relying on a pension and this.
I use they-them pronouns, and I'm definitely in social justice circles when I can be.

Speaking of being an artist, the art I do is a combination of monsters, animals, people, and other fantasy and anthro races.
Monsters are really where my skill lies, and I'll be putting out a zine hopefully this year called Bramble's Bestiary, but I'm always happy to work on other things.

Most of what you see here on my Patreon will be lineart and sped up videos of my art in progress, with commentary and soft music. Painted and coloured work is usually commissioned, and with the client's permission it might turn up here even if I don't upload it elsewhere - you may even see some of it in my videos.

I'm always open to new work, and the details for that can be found at addertwist hyphen draws dot tumblr dot com.
I'd love if you considered supporting me - there are rewards listed on the right, starting at three dollars, and this money helps me get my fiancee closer and helps supply me with valuable art resources, like video editing software and maintenance of my tablet
I think that's all I had to cover - thank you for your time, and feel free to contact me with questions or for quotes.
Have a great day!
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One of the most important things at this point is to seek out artistic mentorship from the community - this money would go straight to getting me to and from a local art program :)
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