Adira Bennett

is creating photography, mixed media, poetry
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About Adira Bennett

Hello! I am a 22-year-old artist/writer/student/scientista going by the name Adira Bennett, and I am so glad you made it to this page.

I joined Patreon in March of 2017. In doing so, I hope to: 1, form a community for interaction with my most loyal fans, 2, share my creative processes in addition to finished products, and 3, worry less about money so I can worry more about doing what I love — creating. I appreciate Patreon because, unlike freelancing, it gives me the chance to pursue all three of these goals. But above all, I appreciate you, and let me tell you why:

I am a young adult living in a world where the costs of college tuition, health care, and rent are sky-high and the job market for students is terrible. I am currently financially dependent on family and trying to make my way through college. I want to move toward financial independence, and I want my passion-driven production of creative pieces to be valued in the world — these are my dreams.

And you are making my dreams possible. You are rebelling against The Man by saying, "Hey, I value young artists and writers! I believe that creation is work and that people should be able to support themselves through their work! I believe that painters, accountants, illustrators, teachers, writers, and dental hygienists all deserve a shot at sustainable income because they are all doing valuable stuff!"

Your faith in me and your investment in my creativity is an honor I seek to uphold by making and sharing the most authentic creative works I possibly can.
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