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About LTD

Hi I'm Liam Twose. Thank you for visiting my Patreon Page!

I'm the director of LTD, and I've been a game developer all of my life which accounts for over 25+ years (across three decades), in one capacity or another. Dating back to the BBC, where I began my journey making a Yellow duck move across the screen, you could say I was hooked.

In 2018 I made my development company official and as a team we're utilising Unity for low-mid 3D games and Unreal Engine 4 for mid-high end 3D games. We're currently busy working on some really exciting games, which we'll share more about as we are able to.

My goal is to continue creating amazing games AND to support others to do the same! Your support allows us to continue doing what we love and will be truly appreciated.

What will your pledge actually support?

Over the last year I've been working on a number of initiatives which you can access instantly  at

Your support will allow us to continue providing these resources without the need for adding any financial barriers (except if we produce a physical copy of the guide for example).
  • Global Games Industry Guide
  • Global Games Industry Events Calendar
  • Games Industry Mentoring Group
  • #devBluePrint

While we're busy making games we're also creating products, tools and resources for the Games Industry designed to help make everyone more productive and focused through-out the entire game development cycle and beyond.

Pledge your support now and get instant access to my games industry group, private mentoring channels.

About me:
A little more about my journey. Started on the BBC, moved onto the Amiga using Blitz Basic 2.0 and then finally settled on the PC using an array of programming languages and software over the years.

Other successes: I founded #30daydev in 2014 which has been seen over 30 million times in it's lifetime with an audience of over 10 million and has helped game developers all over the world to set themselves clear targets.

Recent releases:
Calcul8² - Released to 6 major stores including Steam.
Adliberum Engine, released on Steam.
Zen Pond: released on Facebook Instant Games. Played over 250,000 times.
Calcul8: played over 200,000 times on Facebook Instant Games.

What are we working on next?
Escape Room Simulator: Check it out on steam at

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