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About Adnan Can

Welcome to my Patreon. I was initially reluctant to set up this page, only because I consider myself as a self-funded creator, the harsh reality is that any artistic endeavours require support from as many people as you can get.

The purpose of this is to help improve production quality, stimulate regularity (YouTube), and to help me hire pesky crew members for my productions.

So far I have set up one tier, and aim to add further tiers where I upload exclusive videos to Patreon each month. Also to provide more "interactive" rewards such as watching your video and helping you edit them.

If you pledge your hard-earned money will be swiftly re-invested into future productions.

Thank you for the support, patrons.

Much love, such wow, 

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To stimulate production regularity (Youtube). To hire pesky crew members and gear for my productions (short movies).
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