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is creating music, medleys, covers, remixes, renditions
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About Adolfo Baez

Hello there!
My name is Adolfo Baez, from Mexico.
I´ ve been a content creator on Youtube for over a decade now.
I make all kinds of music compositions:
Original music, Covers, Remixes and Medleys, mostly from Video Games.
I really love making people happy and/or emotional with my music, specially with my medleys, and reading all that positive feedback.. people saying that they cried or got nostalgic.. that´s what motivates me to continue entertaining you.
My latest and biggest project to date, Super Mario Epic Medley, a 38 minutes song, took me 16 months for completion, but seeing the huge ammount of positive feedback and emotions, made it all worth it.
I really want to continue making big projects like this while still releasing the usual videos, be more active and release videos faster and on a regular basis, I have many ideas for the future, an epic medleys album and animated shorts are some of them.
Patreon seems like the best opportunity to accomplish all of that.

So the main objective of this Patreon is to help me improve and expand on my videos.
I really appreciate your support to my youtube channel all these years, if you can´ t contribute, don´t worry, I will still be making content, maybe not as often as I would want to, or as big as my medleys.
Thank you!

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