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per an illustration and short comics
Thanks again! You can ask me any questions about my work, such as know-how, and I will answer you directly.
You will be able to see patreon exclusive images including rough sketches and progresses.

Also, all the new art works are available 3 days before everyone else.

per an illustration and short comics
Upon the illustrations, you will get the original file attached which means, clearer and more detailed illustrations.
(+previous rewards)
per an illustration and short comics
Thank you <3  You will get illustrations for laptop/desktop background of high resolution monthly.
(+previous rewards)




per an illustration and short comics

About Kim Adora


My name is Adora and I  make illustrations and short web-comics.
I am a freelance illustrator.

Being a freelance has advantage of being "free" but also disadvantage of being unstable financially. 
I need better financial support to create artwork without worrying too much about money.

The good thing about patreon is that you can set the maximum amount of money.
So you can set the max amount according to your financial state.

My general artworks are open to public.
Of course, there are some Patreon exclusive as well ;)

I approciate those who enjoy my works

By the way, you will be charge only for the finished products, not rough sketches or dooddles.

$0 of $5 per an illustration and short comics
If the goal is reached, I will attach the jpeg file which has a horizontal length of 740px and resolution of 300. You are free to download and print out. Just do not use it commercially. :)
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