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In last few years, I did few journeys.
Start from New York city to San Diego, "Silk Road" from China to Italy by bicycle 
Motorcycle around India. 
Since 2018, I start from Germany heading to South Africa by motorcycle. 

California, 2010

Yosekowa,Turkey, Dec,2014

 Kochi,India 2015

Guinea 2019

Few years ago, I started to understand that my journey is not just from one destination to another. It is more about what I can contribute to our society.
Since I am always travel between different cultures, I felt that the misconception is everywhere because of misleading informations. 
By the the I am typing this, I am in West Africa, I admit this is the toughest journey I've ever made. But what is the idea in your mind about Africa?
Let me tell you, it is not like what media said. I can imagine, the only news about here could be bad news, even most of the time, everything is just beautiful here. 
As a filmmaker, I feel more responsible to use my skills tell people what I've experienced in our world. So I start to producing videos about my journey. 
Lately, my video updates become more regularly and frequently, because I am taking this very very seriously.

In the last 7 years, due to my financial statues, I have to stopped the journey to work in the differently period. 
But this time, I would like to try something different on Patreon. 
Everyone could be part of the project to support me an unbroken journey to accomplish a goal of better understanding to each other. 

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An unbroken journey to accomplish a goal of better understanding to each other.
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