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We want to thank you so much for coming to be a part of this show! If you get value out of Adventure Incorporated, we hope you'll give a little value back. In addition to our gratitude, you could unlock a number of exciting options from short stories, to extra episodes, to a personal D&D experience. Together, as a community, we can make some amazing things happen; like switching to a live stream format or starting a live show tour around the country. There is no limit to where the show can go if we come together. We are committed to creating value for you when you donate money to the show. We know there are a lot of D&D podcasts out there, we are glad you've come to be part of ours.
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 You get special flair and gain access to the Patrons Only channel on our Discord along with the Adventure Incorporated crew! (Most of them, some are slow adopters.) (Note: Inappropriate or offensive behavior towards other backers in the chat will be grounds for immediate removal without refund.) 
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Each month, a new short story will be published. The short story will be exclusive to patrons for at least six months, then they will eventually be released in collections. Each short story will be an in canon story exploring some of the fringes of the Many Pennies’ quests. This extra world building will come from various authors. Additionally, patrons at this level get to see the exclusive handwritten Jennuvera’s Journal; the notes Steph takes during the show. It will be filled with half thoughts, odd drawings, and a fair amount of swearing. Includes previous levels. 
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Each month we will do a special one-shot, patrons only, episode that will flesh out the world of New Meritta a little bit more. These side stories will feature a rotating cast of Dungeon Masters and frequent special guest players. They will help influence the main story and create background and context for the world. Includes previous levels. 
Includes Discord rewards
$206 of $250 per month
Monthly Patron Hangout - At this level, we will put together a fun monthly digital community get together. All patrons will be invited to this hangout and we will have a chance to chat and share as a community.
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