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About Adventures in Angular

Adventures in Angular is a podcast that is dedicated to helping Angular and Front-End programmers to achieve excellence.

We believe that programmers have unprecedented opportunities to change the world. However, most of those opportunities come in two forms.

First, programmers are building technologies that change the world. Think of technologies like Facebook or Twitter, iPhones, Windows, and many more technologies used on a daily basis to make people's lives better.

Our shows contribute to these advances by discussing skills, tools, techniques, and libraries focused around JavaScript and programming. By empowering developers with these critical pieces of tomorrow's technology, we shape the future through them.

Second, programmers are people who make up the fabric of teams, companies, nations, and the world. The ideas we share, the teams we form, the conversations we have, and the careers we build all allow us to shape those groups.

We influence the world through the corporate and national movements we belong to. We influence our corporations and nations through the teams and communities we belong to. We're not just discussing technology, but we're influencing tomorrow's leaders.

This Patreon account is set up so you can help us build the future by building great developers.

Charles ("Chuck") hears from people on a regular basis that the shows have changed the trajectories of their lives, careers, and families. That the shows have helped people get jobs, change careers, and achieve dreams.

Your donation helps us help people get further down the road of life toward a better tomorrow.
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Extra weekly 20 minute interview with current and past JavaScript Jabber guests where possible to learn about their background, story, projects, etc.
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