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I'm a college student who can only work one job at the moment. plus whatever small amount of money I make with my videos. The thing is, my one job I have, just doesn't make enough income. Also, I cannot work anymore hours because I am slammed with the current amount of classes I am taking. So Patreon could give me the extra cash I need for college and other bills.
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My thanks and gratitude on helping me fund my work. thanks!
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Wow! You're really stepping up your game! In this tier I'll make a video on any Adventure Time topic you'd like. Just as long as I already haven't made a video on that topic. Plus all previous tiers.
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Holy Geez! Fifty dollars! Thank you! In this tier You'll get my personal skype info where once a month we can chat about anything you'd like!
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I'm not really looking to upgrade my equipment just yet. However this 100 dollars will GREATLY help me with my current financial situation.
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