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About Matthew Lee

Aelara is an art nouveau inspired world of gaslamp fantasy, where magic flows along currents of aether and can be harnessed to power mechanical wonders. It is a world where former allies warily eye their borders, where mysterious fae dwell in the land beyond the mirrors, and where the corpses of dead god lie unrotting in the badlands, bones picked clean by ravenous blightspawn and bleached white by volatile aethervents.

Aelara is built on the 5e framework of the World's Most Popular Roleplaying Game, though the system has been rebuilt to support a radically different style of play. Some of the changes include:
  • All characters have the option to not wear armor
  • Classless leveling with a mix-and-match talent tree structure
  • Expanded rules for social interactions and exploration
  • Complete overhaul of magic mechanics
  • In-depth crafting mechanics
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