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About Aelinbunn

Hiya, I'm Aelin. I'm here cause I really love writing and some of you like reading xD

As a kid, I was raised in an Asian household, but belonged to a home which never settled in the fifty stars of brave America.

I am still a child at heart, who burns on a tall pillar of passion; to spread joy as a wildfire. Despite my occasional shyness and not uncommon stage fright, I really want to be bold. If you are here, you can be sure to expect inspiration!

My fuel is the passion to inspire. So that you may know your own passions can make a difference, in a world you may see as flawed.  :)

Happy to see you, 
Aelin L. (17)

P.S, if you want to receive mail updates when a new chapter is posted, that is in your settings
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