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  • Access to exclusive Patreon/Twitch subscriber channel on Discord (and a shiny name!)
  • Early access to Aetherforged, when we run tests you'll get an invite via discord.
  • Wallpapers sometimes! (taking requests)
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  • Everything in previous tiers
  • Your name in the credits of Aetherforged

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We can't offer anything specific for this tier, you're crazy and it means the world to us!

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  •  Everything in previous tiers 
  • A "Super Patreon" role on the discord
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"The Forges... Light."

We at o7 Studios North would like to thank
each and every member of the Aetherforged community
for their continued support throughout development.

"How long have these braziers grown cold, this hearth unworked?"

We would like to extend an invitation to join an exclusive circle of the community,
to support the team and development of the game directly, by becoming a Patreon

We want to allow our fans to support us as easily and efficiently as possible,
while offering an increasing incentive for doing so, as seen in the tiers provided

"In these Old Stones a dormant power lay silent for... Aeons."

We want to continue making the game by the players, for the players.
We want to share with you the experiences we've had, and create
exciting opportunities for the game and our community

"I want to show you the power of these forges"

What is Patreon to me?
Patreon is a solution to support o7 Studios North in making Aetherforged a true reality. The game will be fully controlled by us and the community. Payments are more predictable than other sources and we can double down to focus on making the best MOBA we possibly can.

Why now?
We've been progressing on Aetherforged for the past two years, learning everything that makes it what it is today. During the past few months, streaming and the support from the community has been a pivotal point in o7's life.

Whilst we have been able to work part-time on delivering Aetherforged up until now, being able to nail down an income will help us to get faster.

This has been a personal dream of mine for some time and whilst I have already taken the leap to a full-time developer, knowing that this can become something amazing, others on the team just aren't in the same position without a solid income.

Why do you need the money?
The money raised will be going directly towards supporting the game, through tools, licenses, food and eventually server costs, things that have previously been covered by us.

What will I get for subscribing?
You will receive official emotes on our discord server, along with the Patreon role and access to a dedicated subscriber channel. All Patreons will receive access to exclusive test builds.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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