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About Æxpression

I fell in love with the Héroïc-Fantasy when I was little, dreaming of marvelous creatures and epic adventures... and I never really went back in the real world! At the age of 16, I had already written two books which have been published and sold throughout all France. Since around that time, I'm obsessed by creating a "Magical System" that would be full of wonders, but also realistic and meaningfull... something that dreamers (like myself) would secretly try in their bed just to check if this is actually working!

Since 5 years now, I write to my heart's content... I am not writing another fantastic story, but creating a deep fantasy world since its creation: the awakening of the gods, the creation of the univers and the mortal races - their culture, regilions philosophy... until the destruction of the world, and beyond...

In this world, Æxpression is the name of the gift the Gods made to the mortals in the beginning of time. This power allows them to communicate, respect the gods but also to accomplish their divine will on Earth throughout "incantantions". By intellently associating Words of Power, an Æxpressionnist can conjure a unique incantation with powerful effects related to the words he just used.

This power is very similar to the language that everyone use daily, but draws unexpected power from the deep meaning and history of those words. The Æxpressionnists are the one who can master the power of the words thanks to an unwavering will, a deep comprehension of the world and its mystical forces.

As well as there are many gods, each one representing a definite state of mind and established values, Æxpression is divided into many Æxpression Fields: Fire, Water, Light, Tempest, Nature, Earth, Blood, Demonic, Hell... having their particular caracteristics and rules of use, many Æxpressionnist cannot master more than one Æxpression Field... but some enlightened people, through talent and hardship, can bend multiple elements to their will!
0% complete
  • Complete rework and upgrade of the game graphics ;
  • Set-up of a Multi-Player Mode with league system ;
  • Reward system for the monthly challenges ;
  • Development and traduction of  the background story ;
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