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is creating a podcast for women of color to heal, grow, and be affirmed.
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Baby Cousin
per month

Meet Synclaire, the sweet baby cousin with a big heart and free spirit. You can trust Synclaire for a deep hug, followed by the encouraging words, "woo, woo, woo." She may come across as an airhead but you know she has a heart of gold with good intentions. 

She's most likely to write affirmations and sweet notes just for you.

· A heart felt “Thank You” & virtual hug

· A pdf download of the transcript for 2019 AFFIRM episodes

· Beautiful journaling prompts to accompany each episode for further self-reflection and discovery.

Wild Best Friend
per month

Oh Maxine, better known as Max. She's the ambitious friend you've had for years. She's brazen and not afraid to speak her mind. 

Sometimes, her words can be brutally honest but you love her nonetheless. Deep down and behind the tough exterior, you know that she will walk through hell and high water with you.

She's most likely to have a tough heart to heart with you.

· HAND WRITTEN thank you card with an affirmation

· A pdf download of the transcript for 2019 AFFIRM episodes

'Bougie' Homegirl
per month

Meet Regine, she can serve looks and shade with the raise of a mere eyebrow. But don't let her fur coats fool you, she's known to frequent a swap meet like the rest of us. While she may gossip about everyone at work, she fiercely protects the ones she loves. She's more sensitive and loving than people guess.

She's most likely to buy you aromatherapy candles and a trip to the spa.

· MONTHLY hand written thank you card with an affirmation

· An AFFIRM podcast sticker mailed to you

· FREE Download of 21 Days of Self-Love journal

· A pdf download of the transcript for 2019 AFFIRM episodes



About AFFIRM Podcast

More than likely, you found your way here  because you listen to the AFFIRM podcast. Quite frankly,I'm honored that you made it to my Patreon page!

As of today, the AFFIRM podcast reaches thousands of women across the country and the globe! Honestly, I had no idea the podcast would become such a hit when I published the first episode. I thought a few people would listen and that would be that.

To my surprise, we've built  quite the community. We've raised thousands of dollars together to contribute to those affected by Hurricane Harvey and for a Mental Health Scholarship! The AFFIRM community does not play around!

As AFFIRM continues to grow, I've become extremely aware of how time consuming and expensive podcasting can be! Being a ONE WOMAN  show, it's not easy to manage everything by myself. That's why I'd like you to join me and make sure the AFFIRM podcast can continue to reach more women of color by making a monthly donation.

With your support I'll be able to get studio time, hire an editor, assistant, transcription service, and eventually get a lawyer and accountant. That means less time doing administrative work and MORE EPISODES FOR YOU!

Join the AFFIRM podcast! Support a community dedicated to showing up for one another mentally, emotionally, and practically.

Peace & Light
Davia, Creator + Host of the AFFIRM podcast

**The AFFIRM Podcast is created specifically for young women of color. If you do not identify as a woman of color but would like to support the AFFIRM podcast, you can continue to show your support by becoming a patron. Please know that some spaces will be exclusive to women of color. If you have questions, please contact info (at)
24 of 500 patrons
With 500 patrons, I can hire a part-time assistant for editing, transcription, and social media management.

If the goal of  500 patrons is reached by September, the AFFIRM podcast will continue for 2 more seasons.

If the goal of 500 patrons is not reached by September, the AFFIRM podcast will release it's final season of AFFIRM exclusively on the patreon platform.
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