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Patreon is a crowd-funding initiative which allows you to support the development of Grailtest by making a recurring monthly pledge of an affordable amount - you can set a monthly max so you can budget. Just click on the big Become a patron button.

 Grail Test is a swords and sorcery adventure game set in dark-age / medieval Europe, designed to encourage creativity and co-operative play. It is based on Minetest, a free, open source voxel-based game engine.

The server is a cooperative online community of players and virtual builders. It's family-friendly without imposing a strict bunch of rules, with helpful and responsive moderators. This where new game developments get thoroughly tested.

Your pledges will go towards supporting:
  • Grailtest game: Developing and maintaining Grailtest is a full time job, but it's unpaid. Help me to keep fixing the bugs and glitches that come up, plus adding new features and improving the whole gameplay experience.
  • Grailtest server: I need to cover the internet service, website hosting and upgrade the server so I can host more players and reduce network lag.
  • Grailcast video tutorials: Funding would give me more time for making accessible and entertaining videos. When I hit my target I will gladly get rid of all the sponsored content on the Youtube channel.
  • Me: Food, clothes, basic bills. My needs are minimal.
  • Others: Any surplus to my requirements will get passed on to other Minetest developers, either as patronage or bounties towards fixing specific issues.


This Patreon page is part of an attempt to make the open-source paradigm work financially. Rather than charging directly for the game I want to raise money by subscriptions from those who can afford to do so. The game code is available freely at and will continue to be so. I also encourage people to contribute bug reports, feature requests, additional code, graphics and models. It's a very different way of working from the usual profit-driven gaming industry. By supporting Grailtest you are also supporting freedom in pretty much every meaning of the word. The most exciting part is the opportunity to collaboratively create something fun and beautiful together, where everyone can have an input depending on their means and abilities.

The development of Grailtest feeds into the development of the Minetest game engine as well, so whatever level of support you choose to give will go a really long way.

About me

I'm a digital artist who uses coding, graphics, music and anything else I can lay my hands on to create an immersive, fun world where you get to write the story.

Become a patron of Grailtest today and help forge magic out of the wilderness!
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Patreon Stream Access - You're supporting me, and for that you get my unending gratitude. Thank you! You get access to the Grailtest Patreon Activity Feed where I publish exclusive clips, articles, photos, top-secret announcements and downloads.
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Bragging rights - you get to say you were one of the people who made this thing happen. You not only get a copy of grailtest for free (as everyone does), but you get to feel great about helping another person to own it for free too! Plus Patreon Stream Access.
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You're a star! - You will be credited by name (or alias of your choosing) as a major benefactor of this project. Plus Bragging rights and Patreon Stream Access.
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Beyond the Call of Duty. - and I'm beyond words! You get a quest item named after you or character of your choice, plus all the other rewards.
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I need to cover the internet service, website hosting and upgrade the server so I can host more players and reduce network lag.
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