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Life in Siberia.
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Here I will talk about life in Siberia




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About Afndck

Hi! My names is Afanasy.
I am 25 years old and i live in the city of Kaliningrad.

I come from the depths of the Far North, or rather from the Republic (Sakha) of Yakutia. He grew up where the summer with a heat of +35 degrees Celsius, and in winter -55. At this time I am in the beautiful city of Kaliningrad. I am engaged in tattoos and dream to release my line of clothes. From an early age he loved to draw, invent and create something new. I am able to play the guitar (so-so) and the national instrument "Khomus" (harp). I can not imagine my life without creativity. Here I will try to tell you about my successes and failures as quickly as possible. You will know what is happening in my life, what I read, what music I listen to and what inspires me.

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Thanks you! Thanks to your support, I will have a chance to run my clothing line. There will be more opportunities for developing individual creative projects, improving the quality of content and inspiration.
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