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you will get all the above goodies along with being able to contact us with a recording question,if we can`t get the answer we have PLENTY of friends in the business that will help out.And also if you have a favorite artist that records here at After Image Studios we will send you a picture of them holding a sign that`s giving you a SHOUT OUT !!!!




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Hi, my name is Tom and I run After Image Studios in Scranton Pa. We do music covers on youtube, and record originals
 i , mix, master, film and edit the videos myself. The studio offers recordings for bands, vocalist`s as well as video work.
I have been getting a lot of great feedback on our covers, and some of our artist`s original`s. In 2017 we got named BEST recording studio in NEPA  in the SteamTown music awards, some of our artist`s had gotten radio time too !!! I discovered the patreon site through a fellow youtuber. I thought that this would be a great way to get my fans to connect and support what i´m doing so I can keep on doing these songs/videos. 

Where your money goes:

So your pledges will allow me to do three things!

1) To be able to invest and keep up with all the right tools for future artist`s coming in to record .Also i get so many people telling me "i wish i can come into record but i just don`t have the money" hey i get it,everyone has bills to pay,and i have sank so much money into my studio,to where someday i can do this full time. So with your help we can get a few artist`s in to pay for studio time.

My jobs here : I'm personally responsible for , shooting, editing, color correcting, recording, engineering, mixing, mastering and releasing. So...your support helps me do all of these jobs. I'm kind of like the CEO, and cleaning personal,and secretary of After Image Studio`s on behalf of myself and partner Derek we appreciate EVERYTHING that people do to help the studio up and running.

2) You support will help grow my career as a social media artist. Growth takes investment and risk. Your an investor !!!! SWEETTTTT

3) Your support will allow me to mentor young artists and help them become self-sustaining brands. (artists in the past: Ellie,Brotality,Diane, Ashley,Leahbeth Evans, The Frost, Metal Mob, Dani-elle ), the list grows every month !!!!

We are in this together! So whether you're backing me for a dollar or $1,000,000,.00 (ohhhh yeahhh - one million) I am so thankful you're here!!! Every patron who's supporting me is valuable to me and the little crew here at After Image Studio`s, and I’m so glad you found me here. We are a family :) Thank you sooooo much again for your support !!!!

$0 of $2,000 per month
When we hit this goal it will help increase our software library,and to get more tools to help our artist`s out on their creativity in recording their songs.Help to pay off our audio and video gear for the making of the artist`s music video`s , and music that much better !!!!
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