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You're a member of the cult The Dogs of War. Sure, in the show they appear to be evil right now but things can change. Get access to our behind the scenes audio of us preparing for the show each week. 
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You are an admiral in the fleet. You get special access to behind the scenes audio as well as your name in the credits and the option of naming a character on the show. Get everything from the cultist plus you get to name a character and you get a thank you in the credits. 




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About Against Me, Will

Against Me, Will is a 27 episode (and counting) web series filmed and streamed live weekly (currenly on Sunday nights) using action figures and a green screen. We come up with ideas and scenarios and then improv as we go along. We don't edit (except to sometimes remove technical difficulties in scenes). We have fun and for us that's the important part. But we like to think the show has some value even if not many people have watched it yet.  

Right now there are three of us but we want to expand and include more people, including someone to exclusively run OBS while we stream live. 

We are facing the prospect of losing our studio space right as we're getting better and better at creating this. We also want to expand with a second camera, some new microphones and a better studio setup. We'd like to film some behind the scenes stuff too to show how to do it and to inspire other people to get involved.
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We get a new camera and film some behind the scenes footage while we create the show each week. These will be included in admiral and god tiers weekly and an edited monthly video for all other tiers. 
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