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Those Who Watch From the Shadows

This is where it all starts. Vigilant, watchful eyes around the world. Even the tiniest rumour or trace of information can invoke a smile.

  • My gratitude. You are the foundation of keeping me going.
  • Karma, especially if you're running an adblock app, knowing that you're still supporting me and my efforts.
  • Random shoutouts if you're online when I am.
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The Foundation of a Network

A network cannot exist and grow with entry nodes alone. There must be some individuals to gather information from below and begin to pass it upwards. Your presence is vital.

The above tier, plus:

  • Entry to the recruitment lists for applicable games. Your chosen name could randomly be a character in a Let's Play.
  • Access to the discord channel (when I make one) to chat and submit Q&As.
  • Even more thanks than before. You're awesome.
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Who Watches the Watchers?


The above tier, plus:

  • Entry to the credit lists at the end of my videos.
  • Other rewards to be determined.



About Agatheis

Hello! My name is Agatheis and I am online playing a mixture of indie computer games roleplaying games and online simulations. All of my videos and streams are in costume.

Your donations help me to:

- Buy new games for Let's Plays.
- Buy costume components to keep things interesting.
- Cover the costs of the processing software and other licences I need to make the videos.
- Keep my PC up to spec to run games with at decent graphics.

Thanks very much for your contribution! 

This page was launched in September 2018. If it's a little out of date, please do get in touch and remind me. I'm also very interested in suggestions from viewers to keep the channel interesting.
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"Who's your tailor?"

This would just about cover the cost of the costumes I used in 2017.
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