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★ Access to all finished personal works, custom work, and commissions before they are posted publicly unless the commissioner requested they be kept private.

★ WIPs of personal works, custom work, and commissions!

★ My thanks for wanting to support my work and help me grow as an artist! Thank you so much!

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The Moon tier will get you:

★ All benefits of the comet tier

★ WIPs of adoptable designs that will be sold! And updates on when they may be posted for sale. Both closed species designs and otherwise.

★ Access to full resolution versions of all non-adoptable works.

★ Thank you so much for your support, it has me over the moon!

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★ Everything in the comet and moon tier

★ Ability to purchase any artwork commission slots before they are offered publicly.

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 ★ Sneak peeks on some upcoming Celestial Seas group happenings when available.

 ★ Thank you so much, your support means the world to me!




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Hello! My name is Corrin, thank you for checking out my page!


I am a self taught artist whose work primarily focuses around character art and character design, but I am looking to branch out further into environmental art and more!

My artwork is my primary source of income, so every amount of support helps tremendously, and you have my highest thanks for following my work.

My main project right now is a visual art and writing group hosted on Deviantart! The group is centered around creating content for the Celestial Seas universe. There will be characters, stories, and group-wide events for all who want to participate. As time goes on we will be expanding the group with new and exciting features!


Just as a note, some rewards I would prefer to handle on a request basis. If you are interested in seeing the full rez, PSD, more progress shots of a piece, or would like a particular base to use, please leave a comment and I would be happy to post it for you!
$363 of $400 per month
$400 a month will help me cover a big part of my expenses!

Reaching this tier will allow me to put more far more time towards group events as well as more personal illustration projects.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 104 exclusive posts
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