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About Agenten

Hello, I've been creating a game using the GZ-GPL engine.
I have been working on this since July 2016.
Right now we have a functional prototype running in a custom version of GZ-GPL.
Stay tuned for videos and screenshots!

Codename KB6 is a 'classic' 2.5 FPS game which draws heavy influence from Japanese STG games such as Dragon Blaze, Hellsinker, and Touhou.
Currently the game uses FreeDM sprites and textures. 

Planned Features:
Fast Action gameplay with vibrant bullets and surreal locales
Reduced Hitbox
Rigid controls available--digital movement precision
Dynamic Rank System (STG-style)
Neural Structure Reorganization (train yourself to think fast!)
Weather FX (currently just buggy rain)
60FPS native

$0 of $1,000 per month
Full time work on the game, including ballparked release dates, milestone builds, etc.
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