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About Bea

About The Comic: 
A Ghost Story follows two unsuccessful, semi-legal "paranormal exterminators" who assist the public in getting rid of their pesky ghost problems using methods that are both outdated and incredibly dangerous (but cost effective). The protagonists, Maxine Gottwin and her assistant/boyfriend (in that order) Jack Henderson, scrape together a living working the most dangerous cases no legitimate extermination company will touch. 
A Ghost Story is a long form webcomic that updates every Wednesday and Saturday and is a member of Hiveworks!

About The Artist:
im bea. im a self-employed artist living in oregon (moving to rhode island) who makes a living entirely by patreon donations. i post a weekly blog called "morgue cart" where i post pictures of weird books i see at my volunteer job that's free to view. other than that i enjoy watching things and then complaining about those things in a loving manner. i like bad movies, weird video-games and walking around antique malls aimlessly. i make feel good but still awful comics about myself and my boyfriend to give you some indication of what kind of slovenly life i lead..

how to contact me:Ways To Follow The Comic:

What Your Donation Money Will Be Used For:
Patreon donations will be used to help keep me afloat from month to month and help me with my living expenses!  The money goes to rent, food, utilities, any emergencies that might crop up and keeping me upright and breathing. All donations are appreciated and allow me to justify being able to work on A Ghost Story full-time.

Thank you for reading A Ghost Story!
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