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About Aging Wheels

Did you know that making these videos takes time? Did you know that filming a project makes that project take thrice as long as simply completing it without cameras? Did you know I have a habit of buying very interesting and mostly terrible cars for the entertainment value? Did you know color is spelled without a 'u' in America because Andrew Carnegie was so rich he could change the spelling of English? Yes. All of that is true.

I need help from you to fund my projects, props, my unusual car fleet, and my time. My biggest expense of all is time. This is my full time job now, and Patreon is a not insubstantial chunk of my income. Your help also funds the maintenance of my eclectic car fleet and parts for the various Aging Wheels projects. I thoroughly enjoy creating these videos and building these cool projects. Doing it as my full time job is simply a dream come true, and it wouldn't be possible without help from my patrons.

Hopefully, you can become my patron today to join me on this journey of aging. Maybe that's a bad name for it, but it's not inaccurate. Everything is aging.
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Wabant Project. Take the heart of a Wartburg, implant it in the body of a Trabant, have the ultimate in period correct communist hot rods.
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