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Here at A Glimpse Inside we believe making things is not as intimidating as one might think. Our goal is to inspire and educate those who are interested in the creative process. From "how to" woodworking projects to videos discussing how creative thinking can better your life. So join us on this journey of making, crafting and having a good time as we build and fabricate things for a better life.
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Thank you! The one dollar pledge level will fill your heart with warm fuzzy feelings knowing that you are helping us make creative content for you ! 

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Thank you!  At the $3 pledge level, you will receive 2 all weather stickers and 2 pencils ! Plus, the warmest of fuzzy feelings for knowing you are helping us make content 

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Thank you! At the$5 pledge you will recieve all previous level rewards, PLUS  1 custom sketch book ( 3 colors available, please specify which one you would like). Of course the warm feeling of helping us is included as well! 

$32 of $500 per month
If this goal is attained, it will afford me to invest in a Sawstop Table saw to add that extra bit of safety to my operation! This would give my wife and kids piece of mind as well! 
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