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About Ágnes Bazsinka

Who am I:
Improvising singer, musician and composer from Budapest/Hungary, currently studying and absorbing the special vibes of the local jazz scene in Poland.

What matters:
- artistic freedom
- experimenting
- keeping contemporary music organic and alive
- authenticity
- drawing and sharing inspiration

Why patreon:
Alike many contemporary creators and performers, I'd like to work on what I feel I need to do, and doing it the best I possibly can; to share and keep on having this artistic dialogue, with the highest hope for being able to tell or ask something important - to make a difference.

Contribution is essential for getting by, maintaining the circumstances for work, and therefore having the freedom of not making compromises artistically. Also important to get publicity, to reach out to more people; finding audience to whom my work will be interesting, and worthful.
For all these goals artists need financial, emotional, personal and professional support.

I try to use any platform to get the neccessary foundation for projects of mine, and also projects of us; with these wonderful fellow musicians and artists I collaborate and I'd like to reward their selfless participation in my artistry, their precious work.

How can you be a part of all this:
You choose the way of support. Donations, sharing informations, offering opportunities, helping in forming conncetions, there are limitless options.
How to act then? It's up to your imagination, willing and possibilities; anything can be tremendously helpful.

Contact me:
agnesbazsinka [at] gmail [dot] com
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