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is creating Vlogs in the Philippines🌴
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  • Any help is so welcomed. If all my viewers were to pledged this amount we would be able to travel and VLOG all over the Philippines with the kids!
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About The Ahern Family

HEY #AheezyTribe!

My wife and I have come a long way and we will be celebrating 8 years together this September 28th with our 5 lovely kids. Erica, Kathleen, Michael, Josephyn and baby Braeden!  

We're so excited to share our lives and daily living here in the beautiful Philippines Paradise.  We're so happy to have you all IN our lives as well.  Thank you for the positive comments and feed back..  even the constructive criticism for my parenting skills that are still being sharpened!.. We appreciate you all!

We made it to 20,000 Subscribers I just want to thank you all who have subscribed and supported us from the silent viewers all the way to avid subscribers! We had our first mail call with fidget spinners and toys for the kids from Sher Pink the Artist in Manila Thank you! Then we had our first balikbayan box from Hawaii, Salamat Kaayo ate!!!

With these donations on patreon it will grately help us support our family friends and other fellow Filipinos that we run into. We are planning to do many give aways, visiting orphanages and feeding the underprivileged.. many many more things to happen.   Stay with us! 
$0 of $500 per month
If we reached this Goal I would take my Kids out on special fun adventures throughout the Visayas. We would be able to save up for fun family pick nicks, hiking, water parks, swimming....
So many more Vlogs would be possible!
Would be a blessing to us to hit that goal.
Thank you all for the support!
Daghan Salamat.
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