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About Aidan O'Rourke

This Patreon account was born of frustration! Frustration with the difficulties I’ve encountered in the early stages of developing videos and online courses. - my new YouTube channel, exploring Europe and the world through languages - my old YouTube channel focusing on my photo and video projects - my first online video course on German language is scheduled to appear in June 2019 on the Skillshare site.

People just don’t realise how time-consuming it is to make videos and courses! As any educational YouTuber will tell you, a 10 minute video can take up to 100 hours to produce.

It can also cost money: Cameras and microphones don’t come cheap. There are also subscriptions to photo and video libraries. I’ve also had to pay out of my own pocket for translation services and there are ongoing travel costs too.

I would love to have someone help me with graphics and animation but it’s out of the question at the moment.

People and companies are happy to pay face-to-face tuition, which covers my time and helps to put food on the table and pay bills.

But it’s much more difficult to cover the time I spend putting together videos and courses.

I make these courses and videos because I want to provide something extra to students and anyone else who wants to learn. I want them to have high production values. I am not just going to be a guy speaking into a camera. I will always aim to use high quality photography, charts, graphics and (in the future) animations.

Online courses provide valuable extra input to supplement the time spent in classes or one to one tuition sessions. Some of my online courses will go into far greater detail than I can go into in normal classes or coaching sessions and I expect them to be of great benefit to the students.

The videos on YouTube reach a wider audience and help to spread a positive message. I want to help people to broaden their knowledge, not just in languages or photography but covering a wide range of subjects, encompassing geography, history, culture, maybe even art and music. I want to send out a positive message of solidarity and reconciliation across Europe and the world.

Monetizing videos on YouTube is slow and often soul-destroying. YouTube ads make a a tiny fraction of a penny or cent per click or view. You need thousands of subscribers before you start to see any benefits.

Courses on Skillshare are paid according to the amount of time spent on your courses and it takes a lot of time and effort before the amount grows. However I don’t want to charge my existing students to access the courses. Actually I’d like them to make a voluntary contribution on Patreon! (Hint hint!)

Over time I hope to see some remuneration from my videos and courses, but as success grows, so will the costs. I will always want to improve the quality and frequency of my videos and courses, and so there will always be a need for people to support me on Patreon.

I already support some educational YouTubers I admire, including LangFocus and A Different Bias. Away from Patreon, I pay monthly amounts to support Water Aid (£2), the Victoria Baths (£6) and Cancer Research (£7)

A small monthly payment from a good number people will provide a reliable and ongoing financial input that I will put to good use.

In return, patrons will be able to build up credits towards discounted or free face-to-face tuition or to give as birthday or Christmas gifts to friends and relatives. On the Patreon blog, I will share some background stories and secrets I don't want to share anywhere else. I also hope to provide other benefits in the future.

As I’m a Friend of the Victoria Baths I thought I would name the tiers according to various levels of ‘Friend’.

So please support me on Patreon!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts