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You not only get access to the material, but you also get to be a part of the material. I'll write you into a story of your choosing as a character. Maybe they'll show up for a scene and say "Hi," or maybe they'll grow into something more. Either way, you'll be part of the action.
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Oooh! You dig what you see, you're part of a story, and still you want more. I don't have much materially to offer, but for $10, I owe you a chance to talk one-on-one maybe? Pick my brain, or we can just chat over a drink - dealer's choice.




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About Aimee Ambrose


I've always wanted to write, and I've always dreamed of writing a book or a comic book or both. I just never took the opportunity to start.
After college, I devoted myself to marriage, children and work - first as a local TV news producer, and then as a newspaper reporter.
I honed my writing skills then. Now, ideas want out and the itch to bring them alive on the page is strong.


With Patreon, I plan to share progress with three ideas I I started working on over the past year. The first is for a book centered on a troubled young woman named Aerin O'Mallius. The second is a story I'd like to turn into a comics, under the right set of circumstances, about a damaged hero named Molly Robinson. The third is a piece of fanfiction based on the video game Lego Dimensions - sounds silly, but I'm a sucker for crossovers, and the format provides an opportunity to put my take on iconic pop-culture characters in one setting.

Reporting is a good way to learn how to tell straightforward, concise stories about the human condition. But working and writing about 9-10 hours a day (sometimes skipping lunch) for a depressingly low wage is not a great way to make a living. I'm not at home in a courtroom watching thieves and addicts parade their way through the justice system, often more than once.
I am at home in a restaurant or bar, sucking down glass after glass of Diet Pepsi, getting lost in worlds of my creation (except Lego Dimensions, of course) with characters acting in morally gray situations.


I'm going to scratch this itch. These stories have waited too long on the shelves of my mind. With your support, I'd like to first earn some extra money to afford rent AND groceries each month. Eventually, if these stories gain enough popularity, I'd like to transition to them full time instead of keeping them on the back burner while I cover real-life crime and disaster in northern Indiana.

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Look into commissioning an artist to turn the Molly Robinson story into a real comic book.
Once accomplished, begin producing story as a comic on Patreon.
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