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is creating a 2D RPG video game called The Equivocal King
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About Airbizcut Design

Greetings! My name is Dan Alexander and I have started a game design studio called Airbizcut Design, along with Gage Brightman (Lead Graphical Designer), and Jessica Mckeown (Lead Programmer). Our first creation will be a video game called The Equivocal King, a 2D RPG action/adventure game and we would love to have your support!

Join us on this epic quest, to design a great game that is fun, immersive and won't destroy someones wallet. Depending on how you would like to support us, we will give you access to our conceptual designs, regularly discuss what we are doing and where we are at, and of course a free copy of the final game upon release. Thank you for visiting our page, and for those who would like to support us!

Cool, so why are you doing this?

I started Airbizcut Design to address a problem the gaming community has had in recent years, mistrust in publishers/developers. Jess, Gage and I are all avid gamers, and have felt the frustration of micro-transactions, over-hyped games, false promises... Essentially, it feels like we as gamers are not respected by the publishers/developers (looking at you EA).

All of us have always wanted to create a video game, but it is a tough business to get into. So, I took matters into my own hands and started Airbizcut Design, with the aim of creating a 2D, action/adventure RPG called The Equivocal King. We just want to make a really fun, solid game with a great storytelling, and I thought the best way to get financial support for this project was to come here, on Patreon.

OK, but isn't part of the problem pre-ordering a game you never played?

True, I suppose in a sense, using Patreon is essentially pre-ordering the game, since you will get a free copy if you support us... BUT, the biggest difference is that you will be involved during our quest to finish this game, and will be able to talk to us on our Discord server as well as regular updates by me, on where we are and how we are doing in the process.

By flushing out a little more cash though, we will give you access to our conceptual drawings, animations, music, all the assets that we create, you will get to see.

But if you are willing to spend a good amount of money, we will let you in on EVERYTHING. You will get access to documents, drawings, animations, have direct communication with me, and maybe even have an idea of yours show up in the game!

So yes, while it sucks we have to ask for money, in return we will give you access that other developers would not and you can see exactly where your money is being spent.

Why don't you create a demo, and then ask for support?

I thought about that, and I agree. This is our first goal, to create a fully playable demo, gameplay trailer and story trailer to promote the game. But Patreon has a unique business model, where our patrons get a behind-the-scene look at how we create the game. This makes me feel very comfortable asking for support, as you will get much more than the game by the end of our long journey.

Interesting, so where would my money be going exactly...?

GOOD QUESTION. The first purchases we make will be the software we need to make the game. Currently, we are using free software, as none of us have enough money for... well, really anything. So this would include our game engine (Unity), Photoshop, Premiere and others, just to name a few.

Next would be to export some work to ease our load. We all work full time outside of this, so time is very limited for us. Getting others to help with this will not only speed up the process, but allow other creative minds to put themselves into the game (or business).

After that, we need to take care of ourselves. Make sure we have food in our bellies, and a roof over our head. Since we work full time, we only get to spend a certain number of hours a week doing this. All of us would like to work full-time on this, and future projects. But as of right now, we need to eat.

When do you think the game will come out?

That is something I cannot predict at this point. We are in the very early stages of conceptual design, finalizing the game design document (GDD), writing the script/screenplay and exploring all the possibilities of Unity. So as of right now, I would really like for the demo, gameplay trailer and story trailer to be done within a year. But because we all have full time jobs, it limits our time to work on this project.

Okay, I think I get it. Tell me more about the game!

I'll just say the basics here of the game, since much of the information is "confidential". Though by becoming an Executive Investor, you can get all the juicy details of the story! To put it concisely, The Equivocal King follows the story of a young hunter and their rise to become the Master Hunter (best hunter in the land).

We plan on this being played like a Zelda game, with a focus on action and adventure, fun combat and a world you can loose yourself in.

Hmm, pretty straight forward... You're not telling me something.

Duh. I have to keep some cards to my chest... Become an Executive Investor, and I'll reveal to you everything we have in store!

So I'm pretty interested, which tier should I choose to support you?

Well that depends entirely on what you want. If you just think this is a good idea, but don't want to put up any money, just scroll down to our poll and tell us how interested you are!

Becoming a Moral Supporter means you're somewhat interested in it, but don't want to see any visuals. Though you will have access to our Discord server, so you can ask all the questions you want to us.

An Avid Supporter wants just a little bit more, to see with their eyes what we are doing. Pick this if you don't want the story spoiled, but are interested in how it will look and play.

Our Executive Investors will get everything. EVERYTHING. The story will be ruined for you, you will have direct communication with me, and your words will have weight behind them. If you choose this, you will be involved in the design process.

Got it!


I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully this synopsis has helped explain what we are trying to create, and how with your support, we can create a great game to play!
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