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About Captain Jeff

Hey there everybody! Thank you for landing on the Airline Pilot Guy Show Patreon Page! I am so excited to engage with all of my fans!

What is Patreon?
Patreon is ongoing crowdfunding for creators like me who release content regularly! 

Why am I using Patreon?
I appreciate my listeners who contribute their hard-earned money to my show. It's only fair that you get something back in return, don't you think?

How much should you give? 
As little or as much as you'd like. Don't worry if you don't have any extra cash to send me. After all, I really do this as a "labor of love." I do, however, have costs associated with producing the show, and this really helps out with that. Content? Nah. I don't think any amount of money would help that! ;)

How often do I produce a show?
About once per week, so, on average, about four a month. Remember, though... you can stipulate the maximum you wish to contribute per month, so if I go crazy and put out an episode every day, you won't break the bank! If you DO stipulate a maximum monthly contribution, please divide your MAX by four to determine your pledge category (for example, if your maximum monthly contribution is $12, please make your per-episode pledge $3).

95% complete
This will allow me to record on the go and produce a higher quality show utilizing advanced video technologies
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