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They say that people will decide within the first paragraph or two whether to support you, so I'll lead with the important information, then get into a bit more of the "get to know me" type stuff.

I put it to you: some of the worst people in the world are on this site and receiving money. Mike Cernovich. Laura Loomer. Jack Posobiec. These are misogynists, rape apologists, racists, homophobes, bigots, fascists, and straight up morons. If people are going to give them money, then maybe someone will give me some money. I'm not going to pretend that I'm deserving, but here's my pitch: unlike those people, I am not a fetid pile of human waste.

I'm a man. A man with a sore back. I like to complain about my sore back, and wish it would be less sore.

Life is hard, that's a given, but if you give me your hard earned money, maybe my life will be a little less hard, and in turn, you could feel really good about yourself, and maybe in its own special way, that would make your life less hard too.

I can't think of an honest reason why you should give me your hard earned money. That said, I see a lot of assholes plugging their Patreon pages, and they provide nothing of value to the world, yet people give them money. People are dumb. Giving me money is not dumb though, it's an investment, an investment in my future, and in your ability to feel good about yourself by giving money to someone who at least has the decency to acknowledge that they don't deserve your support, unlike so many of the other freeloading bastards that seem to be everywhere these days.

So you know, bless my Patroeon. Even though there's no good reason that you should, I'd really like it, and there's worse people you can give money to. I'm basically not a bad person, and I hold controversial opinions like "it's not ok to be an asshole".
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