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is creating Educational content, performances, and product reviews
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About Aaron K. Campbell

Hey Everyone!

First off, thank you all so much for your time and attention, and for considering helping me in trying to create helpful content for musicians. 

With patreon I hope to help take the monetary help that the community offers, and enhance the quality and frequency of this content. 

I am currently involved in creating content on YouTube, Facebook, and a podcast titled "Young Musicians Guide"!

My YouTube channel (AKCEuph) is all about helping and inspiring brass musicians with performances, product reviews, and educational content.

Here are some examples:


Product Reviews: 

Educational videos:

The Young Musicians Guide podcast is a platform that I use to help "Younger" musicians learn about all the crazy awesome careers there are in the music world.

Interviews have included people who are band directors, freelancers, college teachers, content creators, and people who work in arts administration.

YMG Podcast:

Also, a lot of what I perform gets uploaded as audio on Soundcloud:

For more information check out any of my social media sites (linked on the Patreon page) or check out my website: AKCEuph.com
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