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About Akiten

I was currently making some in 3D concept arts for an imaginary Zelda game with a more Ghibli style. Afterwhat I tried to personalize the identity of the concept of the game. Now I want to find some partners to challenge this great adventure to make a zelda-like game concept in 3D. 
I need gamedevs, 3d animators, 3d artists, Level designers and a lot of people to make this project come true. 
The name of the project is "The Tale of Akiten"...

Akiten is a fictionnal world, based on the map of the pangea. 
You play Ali who is seeking for his friend, which was captured by a strange force after the apparition of a strange shiny shape in the sky.
Your goal is to reach it and save your friend. 

The concept of the gameplay is based on an open world, with objects and skills that bring you access to new areas. Like in Zelda, it will be 50% puzzle game 50% adventure game.
The story must be very strong and deep to make the univers of Akiten more tangible and coherent. There will be a kind of encyclopedy to fill within the game, that allow you to understand all the conflicts and the history of akiten.

I just can bring my ideas and my concept arts in 2D or 3D for the moment. Hope someone will be interested !
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Find some partners
- Game dev (Unity3D)
- 3D animator
- 3D character designer
- Level designer
- storyteller
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