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About Devin McKernan

Greetings, drifters! My name is Devin and I am the creator of the dark fantasy narrative podcast A Knight Adrift. Inspired by legendary tales new and old, as well as podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale, A Knight Adrift follows the adventure of brave Aveline: a young knight armed only with an enchanted sword and tasked with an impossible mission amid a world on the brink of doom. 

Each month, I'll share a new podcast episode featuring a piece of the Knight Aveline's tale as she travels the realm of Valerius: a dangerous world of monstrous beasts, intrepid warriors, and mysterious power. Along the way, the knight will traverse the void beyond the veil, contend with demons within and without, and seek the aid of allies far and wide, all in an effort to restore hope to a home threatened by darkness. Join the quest and listen to the first exciting season now at

As an aspiring writer and artist obsessed with quality storytelling, I am seeking your support to improve the podcast and breathe greater life into the world of A Knight Adrift. Creating this show takes tremendous devotion in the way of writing, recording, and seeking out new sound effects and music. I want to give you, the listeners, the best possible experience and hope to do so by commissioning additional creative input and reinforcing my technical capabilities.

Simply put: A Knight Adrift is a passion project and your support will vastly improve its overall production values. No matter who you are, I hope you'll join me and Knight Aveline on this journey into the unknown in pursuit of discovery, courage, and triumph. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected], or @aknightadrift on Twitter. Thanks for your support and for listening!
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