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is creating Hollywood Studio Manager, a new management game for Windows.

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I'm a indie developer working since aproximatively one year in a new management game called Hollywood Studio Manager.

My main goal is to create a game who let you manage your own movie studio, with focus on a deep sim approach and a lot of original features. Something like Football Manager but for cinema addicts.


Patreon is a great way to create a strong community and involve those of you who wants to support and participate in the  development of HSM.


  • Access to all Alpha and Beta stages : Expect bugs, unfinished features and poor UI in the early stages, but when first Alpha come out (see roadmap), you'll have full access to it.
  • Access to Patreon-only discussion board : Report bugs, discuss and vote for new features, take an active participation in the development or just chill with me.
  • A chance to have your name in the game : Later on i'll randomly choose some of you and if you will, you'll be in HSM as an actor/actress, director or staff member. 
  • Support a dev who just want to give you great games with deep sim elements and help him.


Since HSM is in it's early stages of development, don't expect anything really playable now. 

  • Create you own movies : From the short movie with no budget to the big blockbuster who will make you famous, manage all stages of the production, from the concept to the release, including pre-production and post-production stages.
  • Choose the good cast : Hire actors and actress for your next production and choose wisely which is the right one for the role. All people in the game have a lot of informational data to help you, ie favorite genre, mental and physical stats, popularity, etc.
  • Manage your staff : Hire the director, visual fx supervisors and musical artist and other staff, either by signing exclusivity contracts or just for a one shot.
  • Marketing and distribution : Choose how to promote your movie based on your marketing budget, submit your productions to a wide range of film festivals, choose the right moment to release it and try to hit the screens of many theaters in the world. Will your movie make enough entries to have a sequel ?
  • A lot, lot of other stuff : Compete with other studios // write your own scripts or choose a scriptwriter to do it for you // expand your facilities to have bigger studio // loan or buy good location sets for your production // manage cast wishes and disponibility // receive good critics and hit the top of the charts // buy and produce good concepts or licences // Try to efficiently manage production delays // staff retirements and regens for an endless game experience // lot of stats, charts and graphics to have a deep approach of your management // full modding and skinning support // any good idea my patrons will have to make HSM the best simulation game possible...


Expect one or two public build every month. I will provide a lot of dev updates here so you can follow easily what's the current state of the game.

These dates are of course subject to change, and i will provide more informations as the time goes on but :

  • Early 2020 : Pre-Alpha Stages (non public)
  • End of 2020 : Alpha Stages (unlimited access for Patrons). Expect one or two Alpha build by month.
  • TBA : Beta Stages (unlimited access for patreons).
  • TBA : Final Release (and will also get a lot of patchs and update after this)

$0 of $1,500 per month
With this goal, i can take time to finish this game with all the features i want, hire an artist to polish the game visuals, and buy more pizzas.
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