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About A.L.A. Consulting Firm

A.L.A. Consulting Firm 

Hello first-time guests and patreon community! 

I created A.L.A. Consulting Firm to share a holistic view of conscious culture with a human-centered approach to provide tools and skills to equip Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Organizations with in-house custom-made modules to assist with navigating through unpredicted challenges of transitions and uncomfortable circumstances of conflicts.

Also, you as a patreon* (depending on tier) will be the first to test out never viewed before new developmental modules. 

For viewers who do not know about us as a company, there is information listed below.    

A.L.A.Consulting is a holistic human-centered boutique firm with expertise in
"Seeing, Developing, and Implementing Sytems ". Whether it's Human systems or Organizational Systems. 

We have over 10 years of experience in identifying positive/negative invisible and or visible behaviors of the personal, family, professional, entrepreneur, small business, corporate risk and intuitively optimize various outcomes to assist our client in resolving their reoccurring circumstances.

Simply put, We create a Conscious Holistic Human- Centered learning environment to assist Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Organaztioans  through times of personal & professional crisis to minimize their risk as a collective entity by navigating them in their time of uncomfortable circumstances of transitions, conflict management,
and personal/families/professional/employee/business development.

We focus on building a holistic conscious culture, one person at a time, with a human-centered approach with our core foundation of mental self-investigation, emotional intelligence, conversational intelligence and physical wellness!
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When I reach $1000per month, I’ll start a special development series where I give a 1hr and 30mins session to 1 patron every month."
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