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About Alan Wartes Media

Big Things Are Coming!

We are beyond excited to announce the upcoming release of several new productions — and the publication of a new book. Check it out!

Finding Nowhere: How to be Happier and Healthier by Living Fully in the Present Moment

(Now + Here = Nowhere) This collection of short readings has one purpose — to introduce you to the astonishing power of present moment awareness and then make it accessible through practical, hands-on tips. Co-author Keith Wall is a veteran writer, journalist and editor. Alan Wartes is a writer, journalist and media producer. Together they've crafted a book that manages to be both magical and practical — to help people in all circumstances live more fully. 

The book is scheduled for publication in early November 2019. Stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, check out weekly Finding Nowhere blog posts on this page.

Finding Nowhere: The Podcast

Beginning in early December 2019, Alan and Keith will host weekly hour-long conversations with people on the front lines of using mindfulness as powerful medicine — to overcome depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief after a loss, the stress of parenting, and so on. We'll also talk to sports psychologists and others about how Nowhere can aid in peak performance, no matter what your challenge.

Keep an eye out here for release dates — and for practical tips for how to move beyond theory to rubber-meets-the-road success.

The Flyovers: A Podcast of People and Place

Husband and wife team Alan Wartes and Issa Forrest are motivated by a simple belief: Everyone has a captivating story to tell. To prove it we've purchased a motor home and converted it into a mobile recording studio. We've begun traveling to off-the-beaten-path places to talk with Flyover People — those unlikely to make headlines, but who nevertheless are living out stories at the front edge of what it means to be American.

From week to week we'll present insights into Flyover life and conversations with people living it. 

Scheduled for release inn early October 2019.

The Flyovers Travelogue

Follow our progress as we search for Flyover stories. We'll periodically post videos — produced by Issa Forrest — that tell the story behind the story.

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