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The number 1 represents "New Creation, Independence, Ambition and Will power"

$0.11 will be donated to the charities I mention in my about section.

You will also receive the following benefits:

- Earlier publication of all videos

- Longer edits with behind the scenes happenings

- access to patreon comments section where I will answer any of your questions

Blue Run
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The number 5 represent "Freedom & Change"

At this level $1.11 will be donated to the bike related charities I mentioned in my about section. You will also receive the same as 'Green Run' but with the additional benefits of:

-  Link to a Strava map of all runs

- Invitations to group rides

Black Run
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Most Difficult - You're going to need a few skills at this level

The number 8 represents the generation of wealth and success, symbolizing "Justice & Balance".

At this level $2.22 will be donated to the bike charities I mention in my about section. You will also receive the same benefits at the 'Blue Run' but will also receive the following:

- Discounts on mtb skills training from myself (a Cerified PMBI instructor) 

- Discounts on accommodation for a week away in Vancouver island for a mountain biking vacation.




Hi there, I'm so happy that you have found my patreon page and I'm excited for this opportunity to use my passion of mountain biking to make a difference in people's lives.

The Bicycle has literally changed my life and I want to help change the lives of many others using the same tool. 

I want to use my passion for mountain biking and this patreon page as a launch pad for making a positive difference to the lives of others through empowerment, exercise, and the preservation and importance of our natural environment. I will do this by bringing people together with a shared vision of inclusivity and community where we can all make an incredible difference for humanity and this planet.

My goal is to build a company that will provide World renowned mountain bike adventures that are accessible to everyone, with the purpose of these experiences intended for healing and self empowerment. In order to achieve this dream, I am building awareness of how mountain biking can enrich the lives of those that participate; starting by showcasing as many awesome mountain bike videos as I can possibly create.

If you share this passion, then I'm offering you the chance to be involved in this process and to hold me accountable on this journey towards our shared vision and goals of creating a better world, through mountain biking.

By becoming a Patron you will be directly contributing to this vision and assisting me in the startup of this business. You will be helping me create better quality videos, a more varied selection of trails to ride and will receive exclusive content, information about the locations I am riding and updates on the progress towards creating this business. 

The company I am building will eventually grow to offer guided mountain bike trips all over the world, not only to benefit those that attend the trips, but also for many of those less fortunate who do not have the joys of biking in their lives.

I will be partnering with a registered Canadian charity called, "Bikes without Borders" who serve marginalized individuals and communities where bikes and bike-related solutions can have a significant, positive impact on community development by providing bicycles, repair and maintenance training and program support to residents through partnerships with local community and social welfare organizations.

A portion of all money made, both through patreon, and my upcoming company will be donated to Bikes without Borders and to local bike related non-profits, to directly give back to many awesome on-going projects. 
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My first goal is to find enough support so that I can put more time into creating and editing videos with the intention of creating at least 2 videos a month. 
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